Friday, September 04, 2015

Canada's 2015 election

Although it is clear that Stephen Harper's record on the economy is poor in spite of his claim to the contrary, the reality is that our federal government can do little about the economy.  We are pawns of the US and large corporations. Unfortunately, both Justin Trudeau and Tom Mulcair are making the economy the big issue of the election.  Their ideas are too small to have any real impact on the economy. The real issues are the environment, social welfare and democracy itself.

Stephen Harper is anti-farmer, anti-scientist, anti-environment, anti-CBC and anti-democracy. The only thing he is for is big business and big oil (his financial supporters). He wants to be dictator. Let’s get rid of him. 

Elizabeth May is one of the smartest people on Parliament Hill in Ottawa and I would like to vote for her but she has little chance of unseating Harper.  The anti-Harper vote is split between the Liberals and the NDP.  I think that the best strategy right now is to vote for the candidate in each riding that has the best chance of beating the Conservative in that riding.  This is the approach that the LeadNow ( organization is taking. Is there any hope of a coalition of Liberals, NDP and Greens?